Corporate law.


There’s a rule: “Before starting a business with a partner make sure to discuss how you are going to close it”. Therefore it is crucial to clearly define and designate the rights and responsibilities of business founders and among them as well as to develop an investment order and future profit distribution mechanism which altogether forms an essential step towards starting an active phase of company development. Proper organization of a company in the beginning guarantees its effective development.


We carefully analyze every type of our Client’s activity so that we could identify the exact stage which requires interaction with governmental agencies, determine the time frame necessary for settling the issues and specify appropriate resources.


We provide the following services:

   •     Registration as a legal entity, including but not limited to development of              constituent documents, founder’s and investment contracts, partnership              agreements, etc.;

   •     Registration of affiliated organizations, including foreign companies;

   •     Merger and division of legal entities;

   •     Restructuring of legal entities into joint stock companies or limited liability           partnerships;

   •     Liquidation of a legal entity.