Intellectual property law.


We also provide services for legal registration of exclusive rights to intellectual property objects for our clients in the form of:

•    obtaining protection documents, including patents for inventions, utility models, industrial designs,              works of science, literature and art;

•    registration of trademarks, commercial names (service marks) and appellations of origin (indication of          origin) of goods.



We do not limit our activity solely by enshrinement procedures; we are also ready to consult our clients regarding issues arisen while utilizing exclusive rights and to provide qualified legal protection of their interests in authorized and legal agencies.


The advantages of enshrinement of exclusive right to intellectual property:

•      transformation of intellectual property into a valuable asset of the right holder and their further                   commercialization (capitalization);

•      protection against any unauthorized use and/or appropriation by third parties, including competitors;

•      sole disposition of them and determination of their price;

•      marginal income extraction;

•      improving competitiveness of the right holder and forcing competitors out of particular market                       segment;

•      attraction of promising business partners and investors;

•      assignment of the rights to another party for temporary use for monetary reward on the basis of                   license agreements.